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Best Supplement for Mental Focus

Your mental health is important. Like, really important. After all, how you manage day-to-day shapes your entire life.

Many people focus on their physical – don’t get me wrong, this is also essential. Staying in top physical condition is good for you, helps you live longer, and actually benefits your mental health as well. 

Unfortunately, many of us who care about our physical health ignore our mental health. Having a good balance of the two is crucial for a happy, healthy life.

This last year has been hard on everyone. There is a litany of things that could have potentially gone wrong for an individual this year. The world is seemingly closed – and that’s had a negative effect on overall mental health.

Maybe you’ve lost your job, maybe you’re tired of staying inside. Whatever it is, you need to focus on your mental health to keep the best mindset possible. We will get through this.

supplement for mental focus

The Importance of Mental Focus

Your mental focus determines your mental health. It’s essentially your ability to concentrate. The Center for Performance Psychology defines mental focus as “the ability of an individual to direct mental effort on the most relevant information in the environment.”

An individual with good mental focus can do two things – concentrate on the good in front of them, and deal with the bad in front of them. Being able to focus on the good exponentially increases your mental health. Beware, though – don’t ignore things that are negative. Process them. Achieving peak mental focus helps. 

Having peak mental focus also helps an individual focus on what is happening in the present. Maybe you find that your mind wanders to failures of the past or worries of the future – concentrating on the now helps eliminate those doubts.

Your mental focus also affects your ability to carry out tasks – any and all types. The best performing athletes have the best mental focus. But it doesn’t need to be that grand. It can be as simple as sitting down to write an essay or cleaning your apartment. Your mental focus determines how well and when you’ll carry out these tasks.

In short, your mental focus determines your entire life. There is no health at all without mental health – and your mental focus dictates your mental health.

best supplement for mental focus

How To Improve Mental Focus

Recent studies have shown that certain supplements can help improve your mental focus. One such supplement is Nurish. Also shown to improve physical performance and the immune system, Nurish is comprised of Deep Ocean Minerals™. 

These Deep Ocean Minerals™ are gathered from a depth of 2,000 feet below the ocean’s surface. During the water’s journey to its destination, a multitude of essential minerals and nutrients are absorbed, untouched by the surface.

The inventors of Nurish have unlocked a “100% natural supplement with the complete spectrum of micronutrients you need to optimize your cellular health.”

A recent study published in frontiers in Physiology found that Deep Ocean Minerals helped individuals enhance the cerebral hemodynamic response. This is the body’s ability to send blood to the brain during periods of mental stress.

In the study, participants were given either Deep Ocean Minerals (DOM) or a placebo. They then cycled to the point of exhaustion and their cerebral hemoglobin levels were measured. The results were positive – those who ingested DOM had significantly higher hemoglobin levels versus the placebo patients. 

The researchers concluded that the Deep Ocean Minerals – like those found in Nurish – improve the cerebral hemodynamic response both during and post-exercise.

minerals that help mental focus

The Minerals In Nurish Make All The Difference

Nurish is filled to the brim with minerals and nutrients that have a supremely positive effect on the brain and body. Some of these minerals are known to improve mental health and focus – and they're found in each batch of Nurish.


Zinc is a mineral that can be found in the body, but in very small amounts. While there isn’t a lot of it, zinc has an important role within the brain – it helps the brain manage dopamine. An increase in zinc intake improves brain function and alertness. Zinc has also been used to treat things such as ADHD, schizophrenia, and even alcoholism.


Lithium treatments have long been popular in psychology. This is because lithium increases the serotonin levels in the brain. Serotonin is known for promoting good sleep, learning, and memory. Low serotonin levels are associated with anxiety and depression. Lithium is used often to treat bipolar disorder – the lithium helps control mania as well as bipolar depression.


Magnesium is among the most-prevalent minerals in the body. Good magnesium levels can improve brain function and relieve high blood pressure. There have also been links between magnesium and increased cognitive function – a study found that magnesium has an important effect on the learning process.


Potassium is a vital mineral for brain function – it helps the nervous system send information across the body. Potassium deficiencies are linked with mood changes and lowered cognitive function. A study found that twenty percent of psychotic patients had a potassium deficiency. 


Iron is extremely important to the body’s natural processes – it aids oxygen transportation, myelin production, DNA synthesis, and many others. Iron deficiency has been linked with changes in attitude, attention span, memory, and overall intelligence. A study found that iron supplementation increased cognitive function. 

The Best Supplement for Mental Focus

All of these minerals, nutrients, and electrolytes work in tandem within Nurish to get you as mentally focused as you can be. The unique gathering ground and process for Nurish leads to a top-of-the-line product that will help improve mental focus and health.

Check out our website to order some today and begin your journey to mental wellness.